One Step- Could save your life

Posted Wed, 1st Jul 2015 by Paul Laslett

What would having no fear do to your decision making ? No fear of failure, just excitement of what can be changed and achieved.. ... Read more

5 People wanted for FREE Nutritional and Exercise transformation session

Posted Thu, 30th Apr 2015 by Daniel Glass

I heard something interesting on the radio this morning..." That the root cause to obesity is sugar and bad carbs" surprise surprise! And that a combination of poor diet and lots of exercise does not work!! ... Read more


Posted Sat, 18th Apr 2015 by Paul Laslett

Imagine running about with your children, playing sport, feeling energised and ready for whatever life throws at you. You are less stressed, and your body looks better than it did 10 years ago! ... Read more

WANTED! 10 Women in Southampton for FREE transformation session worth £99

Posted Fri, 3rd Apr 2015 by Eliza Thomson

Imagine yourself on the beach this summer with a stunning body that you’re proud of, not worrying about wearing your favourite bikini and feeling super confident about yourself. ... Read more

Many Thanks

Posted Thu, 26th Mar 2015 by Paul Laslett

Free body transformation session. ... Read more

Brightside's 12 week Body Transformation Package

Posted Tue, 24th Mar 2015 by Paul Laslett

This course is designed to get you in the best possible shape for the Summer- Clients that follow this program see at least 2 inches drop and 1 stone in the first 4 weeks. IMAGINE what you can do in 12 weeks! ... Read more

WOD & WHY - Week 6

Posted Mon, 2nd Feb 2015 by Graham Dawson

Week 6 through to 12 will incorporate gradient based workouts. We are entering into the hill climbing phase of a periodised plan. ... Read more


Posted Mon, 26th Jan 2015 by Graham Dawson

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VC Venta TT 23-1-2015

Posted Mon, 26th Jan 2015 by Graham Dawson

Last Friday kicked off the beginning of our VC Venta TT series this winter... ... Read more

Training is just like Christmas

Posted Thu, 25th Dec 2014 by Graham Dawson

I hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas and your tree was filled with lots of gifts and toys from Santa and his little elves! ... Read more