Training your heart

Posted Fri, 8th Sep 2017 by Paul Laslett

The heart is a muscle and needs to do some work, in the right way! ... Read more

The Strenth in the group

Posted Mon, 14th Aug 2017 by Eliza Thomson

Why are our ladies seeing great progress in a group? ... Read more

Do you want to increase your energy?

Posted Thu, 11th May 2017 by Alex Yates

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Four Steps to Losing a Dress Size

Posted Wed, 1st Feb 2017 by Paul Laslett

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Simple changes in your diet give great results!

Posted Thu, 5th Jan 2017 by Alex Yates

Making some simple changes to what you eat and drink over the week can a have a huge impact on loosing weight and getting in great shape! ... Read more

Four things you need to do to run faster

Posted Sat, 22nd Oct 2016 by Paul Laslett

What four things do you need to have in place to run faster? ... Read more

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable

Posted Mon, 3rd Oct 2016 by Alex Yates

Avoiding spikes in your blood sugar is essential in controlling your weight, avoiding metabolic diseases such as types 2 diabetes and keeping you feeling full of energy. Blood sugar levels can be easily controlled if you know the right foods to enjoy and avoid! ... Read more

Brightside Event

Posted Wed, 27th Jul 2016 by Paul Laslett

Welcome to Brightside's Running and Cycling Event! Do you love running or know someone who does? Do you love cycling or know someone who does? Do you love cycling and running, or know someone who does?! Do you love BBQ food!!! If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have the perfect event for you! SUNDAY OCTOBER 2ND 9AM STATION HILL, ITCHEN ABBAS, WINCHESTER, HAMPSHIRE, SO211BQ, UK ... Read more

Thank you

Posted Tue, 26th Jul 2016 by Paul Laslett

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Increased energy, happier and more self-confident!

Posted Thu, 14th Jul 2016 by Paul Laslett

Many of our clients come to us feeling unfit but quickly find themselves feeling well, more energised and active, as well as lighter and more toned. When Jason first came to Brightside he worried he was “so unfit it was going to be embarrassing” and wondered if it would actually make a difference or if he would enjoy it. Luckily he found out we’re not so bad and he even enjoyed the sessions. ... Read more