Work : Rest Ratios

Posted Wed, 14th May 2014


Many people believe that the longer and harder they work, the more improvement they will see in their performance. We now know that rest is actually a critical part of the training process, both whilst on the bike and off of it.

To understand when you are peaking or becoming race fit, we need to gauge when you are in shape and this starts with a work to rest ratio.

Depending on the distances that you are training for, you will want to be on the bike and have a workout that suits that distance. You will want to gradually build up the work to rest ratio over the year to peak for your races or challenges.

Start with a warm up which should be about a quarter - half the amount of time of your main set (build this up over the season) and include drills to get the blood flowing. Then for the main set start in the off season with a 1:1 ratio so for example if you do 1 minute work at FTP then you do 1 minute at active recovery pace.

When you start heading into mid season your work to rest ratio wants to start building towards 5:1 or 6:1 and then as race season approaches if you are able to get up to 8:1 or 9:1 or even into double digits then you know that you are primed for a race.

This is a great way to help create a simple training plan and summarise your goals over the season. Constantly measure yourself with FTP tests and always receive feedback from data or a coach.

Enjoy this new way to plan your workouts!

Keep Riding the Bright Way!


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