Women: why should we lift?

Posted Mon, 18th Jan 2016


The figure on the scales vs. how you look & feel

Many of you I'm sure have been training for a number of years and trying many different diets in order to sculpt the body that continuously pops up on your Instagram feed.

Time and time again I speak to women wanting to change their body shape and lose weight.... and time and time again the same routine pops up... cardio...cardio..cardio...

What happens when you've lost all the weight you desired to lose and you’re still not happy with your body shape?

Carry on doing cardiovascular...? Battle day in day out with your diet.... Fall off the diet... Repeat?

Weight training is something a lot of women do not do:

"I'm scared of going in the weights section.."

"I'm not picking up the big weights!!"

"I don't know what to do..so I don't bother"

Building your foundation of tone and strength is the only way you will achieve that athletic look and build strength, confidence and empowerment whilst working out!


Three things us females may lack when it comes to working out in the gym, right?


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The figure on the scales vs. how you look & feel




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