Women in the weights room

Posted Tue, 26th Sep 2017

Many times women have told me that they don’t like going in the weights room because that’s where the men workout... I’m not sure who decided that?

Also I have been asked "will I get bulky if I lift too much”. A lot of us still believe that being strong is very masculine, and lifting heavy weights isn't feminine.


Come on ladies!

Let the diet burn the fat… and have fun in the gym rather than having our eyes glued to the “calories” section on the monitor (and by the way that is not that accurate).


Here's a few myths on weights for us women!

1. Lifting weights makes you bulky!

WRONG - Overeating makes people bulky, to put on muscle - especially for women - it takes time & effort! Get lifting ladies!

2. Weights are for the men!

WRONG - Females have to train exactly the same as men. Depending on goals and how your body reacts to the training - it's mostly down to building muscle & diet to help change body shape.

3. "I need to do cardio to drop weight"


True but no nessically, 'cardio' ( cardiovascular exercise ) is working the heart! Pushing the heart and lunges... Let me ask you... Have you ever lifted weights quickly?

Tell me that's not cardio!!


Get lifting ladies!


Eliza. x

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