Why training with power during the winter is essential

Posted Mon, 21st Sep 2015

Training with power is essential, whenever you train,

but even more so during the winter.


The winter is going to be when you have the main part

of your training volume without any interuptions so you

have plenty of time to put in the hours, unlike professionals

who start racing in January. 


By using power you can efficiently and effectively measure your

output for every single session. With the correct training zones

and application of training methods, you will be able to get a much

more consistent and repetitive pre-season than if you intermittently

trained and didn't use power. 


Power is useful outdoors during the Summer, but I am a big advocate of

Indoor training during the winter. With the advances in technology, I don't

believe you need to go outdoors and battle all of the elements to achieve

results, unless you have the time and it is completely necessary. 


Smart trainers are becoming cheaper and the software is progressing with it.

Studios like ours are becoming more popular as more people want to visibly

see the gains and that the money they are investing is worth while. You can

buy all the technology in the world to help you, but if you don't know how to

train properly, then it is a total waste of money. We have improved hundreds

of cyclists and you will no doubt be someone who reaps the benefits of our trainers. 


Training indoors with a smart turbo or power is better than training outdoors 



1. You will be less likely to get injured

2. Training in a group can get rid of the boredom

3. Having someone else take the guess work out

of your training makes life so much easier

4. You don't have to deal with traffic or obstructions

5. The weather won't be a factor. You can just hit your numbers

for the set durations you need and then get on with your day

6. You can work on techniques in a safe and controlled environment

7. You get detailed analysis of your rides

8. You can post indoor training workouts on to Strava (ride strava sections too)

9. Software is now on par with the hardware making training exactly like outdoors

10. Consistency is King - you just can't get that outside unless you have lots of time


During the summer, power meters aren't necessarily a must if you do the right training

during the winter period. Racing can be done on feel and sometimes power can be more

of a distraction (look at Chris Froome's past!). If you are riding in clubs or groups, chain

gangs can be a highly effective way to train without needing power also. 


This is why I would recommend training with power during the Winter more than during the Summer.

Be smart with your time and don't let yourself get injured so that you keep the consistency of training

going and come out in the Summer Fitter & Faster to have the best year EVER!


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Get motivated, Get Training, Get Results! 

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