Why Goals Matter

Posted Mon, 21st Sep 2015


Goals are a way of life in everything we do. Work, relationships,

fitness, health, wealth. I challenge you to tell me that you

don't have at least 1 goal that you are pursuing right now. 

I always set myself 3 goals to achieve in the year, which are:

1. A financial goal

2. A health goal

3. A relationship goal (friends, family or romantic)


If you don't have a goal, then you need one, fast, because

it will make you a better person because of it. You will feel

challenged and if you reach that goal, you will feel a sense

of accomplishment, no matter how big or small you want your

goal to be. 


When you achieve a goal, the feeling of self worth is fantastic. It

makes you want more. In England wanting more can be frowned upon,

but if it is something that improves your lifestyle, mental state, health,

well being, then fill your boots with it and revel in the change. 


Goals need to be SMART. 


Make your goal specific to what you want to achieve. For cycling it could

be a weight, speed, distance ir time goal. It could be just getting up that darned hill

which has the post office at the top so you can mail a package to someone?!

But make sure it helps improve yourself and ultimately achieve the end result

you are looking for. 


Your goal needs to be measured against something. You need a field test of some

kind before you start your training. We do testing constantly throughout the training

year so you always know whether you are improving. 


Make sure that your goals are challenging enough without feeling impossible.

I like my clients to break their goals down into chunks over the year

so each goal is never far away, but will lead to an overall goal. 



Don't set unrealistic targets. I for one know I am never going to race for Team Sky

so it isn't an achievable goal. However, targetting and winning a few local races is

more realistic. You might have a dream or a goal that seems impossible, but it might

need the correct amount of time to get there, which leads me nicely to...



Make sure that your goal is achievable in a time frame. My goal might be to ride with

team sky, but that wouldn't happen at the end of this year. It might take me four to five

years to reach that goal. Break the goals down in to chunks so that it becomes easier to



In conclusion, always have goals. If you have a goal of achieving something in cycling this year,

and you sign up to a 24 week training package, then I will pay for your entrance to an

event up to the cost of £100. 


CLICK HERE and e-mail me saying 24 week training package with your name, number and e-mail, 

we will get you booked in for for a free consultation session and get you started on your journey!

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