What diet is everyone on this January?

Posted Wed, 17th Jan 2018

What diet is everyone on this January..??

January… everyone is trying to shake of the Christmas weight..! Hard whens there is still Christmas cake still being chiseled away at :)

Over the last few weeks… I’ve heard..

  • Fasting… having a 6 hour period to eat.. Rest of the time fasting..
  • Hypnotherapy audio tapes…
  • No carbs..  
  • 5 / 2 diet..
  • Shake’s
  • No alcohol in January… ( that’s understandable! )

We all know these diets work and YES you do lose weight, but it all creeps back on.



  • Do you enjoy the process.
  • Are you pushing and continuously forcing yourselves on these diets because you think it’s the last resort?


Change your mindset with food… Try this..

  • Eat to nourish the body… WANT to eat well for the health benefits..
  • Good quality foods.. Don’t go for 0% fat.. Zero calorie products..
  • Less ingredients on the package the better! Whole REAL food :)

What are you changing this year in your exercise and food choices..

If it’s something that WILL NOT continue through the whole year, then there is a better route!

If you want to learn more about;

  • Your own eating habits..
  • Better food choices that you like!
  • What diet should suit you..

Send us an email on the contact button and we can give you a call!


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