VC Venta TT 23-1-2015

Posted Mon, 26th Jan 2015

To keep things competitive we are doing five 20km TT events. One each month until May which is when the Spring TT series starts. We had six members go head to head and rode the Auckland ITU world championship course. A flat/descending route for the first 12km's and then a lumpy 4km before finishing on a nice descent.

However, descending on our Computrainers isn't as easy as outdoors. You have to pedal down the hills or your profile won't move anywhere! Therefore you pedal for the full 20km without stopping! The first three participants got off to a flying start but Mike unfortunately suffered a mechanical as his tire had blown out! Determined to carry on he tried to keep going, but we managed to flag down the mechanic and get it repaired for the next round! It was therefore down to David and Ollie to finish.

With no disrespect, it was little and large battling it out. It was neck and neck with about 5km to go but Martin just managed to pull away (must have been all of that BrightsideIC training he's been doing!) and took the win with 15 seconds in it. Round two saw another cracker where all four participants headed off at full gas. Stephen was cramping up early on but he managed to carry on all the way to the end. An unlikely DNF from Darren at the 16km stage saw the first man crumble under the pace!

With three left they got it between their teeth. Martin was 10 seconds up on Stephen and Mike wasn't far behind that. With 2km to go on the last hill Stephen managed to  just pull away on the descent and flew down the hill reaching 52km! A scream of pain as he crossed the finish line in a respectable 36:23 which was an average of 1:44/km and an average speed of 34.3kph! He managed to overtake and then beat Martin by 10 seconds! What a race!

Stephen received a prize which is a massage from Naomi Butterworth at Winchester Tennis and Squash club. There will be one for the top man and woman at next month's event on the 20th February.

Click here to watch a quick video on our facebook page to see what it is all about!

E-mail me on if you would like to take part in next months event and RACE YA MATES!


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