Training your heart

Posted Fri, 8th Sep 2017






We have helped a lot of people from all walks of life get fitter and stronger, it is after all our jobs! But how can you implement some of our methods at home and in everyday life to benefit yourself and your heart? 


Clients that we talk to who regularly walk the dog, or take the stairs find that after a while they need to do more to increase their fitness. You see the first step should be gently increasing your overall daily activity. 



Gently increase your overall daily movement. DO NOT shock your body into action, walk a bit more where you can. Simple things like taking the stairs not lifts will start to make a difference. 



Do something that will gently raise your heart rate once or twice a week.

You see if you always work at the same intensity every day and do the same things every day you will plateaux and certain life tasks will always feel hard. If you do something that is slightly out of your comfort zone, that gets you breathing a bit more your heart will need to pump more oxygen to your muscles. Your heart rate will peak up, then you want to drop the intensity right off whilst moving so you have an "active recovery" phase. This can be doing some body weight exercises. (press up hold, stepping up onto a step repeatedly for example)



Search out a health professional who can safely guide you through the right type of workout for you. Be consistent with your actions and your heart will have to work less hard for everyday tasks, meaning at the end of the day you have more energy! 


STEP 4- 

Practice! You should be doing something for the upper body, then mix the next exercise for the lower, this will allow your muscles to get a rest but your heart has to keep pumping more oxygen to different muscle groups. 


Look after your heart and it will look after you. 


If you require some more guidance, please click the link below and we can take you through a complimentary session showing you exactly what you need to be doing.




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