Training is just like Christmas

Posted Thu, 25th Dec 2014

If you are training at the moment or are about to start training then think of it like Christmas and Santa. 

Training is all about BELIEF.

For Santa to exist you must believe in him to get his sleigh and reindeer off the ground. In your case it will be a bike! When you train you have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals. If you hit a bump in the road due to illness or injury, you have to keep the belief that you will achieve your goal instead of collapsing and giving up or you will never get your 'end present'.

To create and maintain the belief do these three things:

1. Set a realistic goal, target or event

2. Set a realistic time frame and hours that you can train for

3. Find someone to be accountable too.

Make set hours in your day that you have to train or someone to train with. Those three things will help you keep up your training and help you to achieve your goal.

Have a fantastic new year and keep the belief!

Sincerely, The Secret Cyclist

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