The top 5 reasons why testing is a must

Posted Mon, 21st Sep 2015

This morning Winter training started again.

It is a cold, wet, rainy day making testing the perfect thing to do

to kick off your season. 

At Brightside, we test at the very start of your season/journey

and then we will constantly monitor your progress every 6 weeks,

with smaller tests in between. 


FTP testing is now one of the most used phrases in cycling and is 

done by ALL the professionals to constantly monitor and understand

there fitness levels throughout the year. FTP testing is now so accessable

with the variety of Power meters and smart trainers on the market, that

there really isn't any excuse not to. 


The top 5 reasons that you should constantly test and monitor are:


1. Understanding your fitness

Understanding what state your fitness is in, is crucial in understanding

how to train properly. Whether it is with power or hear rate, you need

to find out what your body is capable of so that you can train efficiently

and smartly. This would let you avoid peddalling aimlessly when training

so that you can get the most out of the workout. 


2.  Training Zones

Training zones help us develop a more accurate way to train. By dissecting

Power and Heart Rate into intensity levels, it gives you a clear indication

of how hard you are pushing yourself. When training you don't want to undertrain

or overtrain as you won't see any benefits. 


3. Constant feedback

Many people go out and buy new kit for their bikes and they tell me

its supposed to save them x weight or increase y power. However,

they have no idea whether they actually have. Testing on the other hand

does exactly the opposite. It is a precise measuring tool that allows us to

see exactly how much weight we've lost, how much have we increased our 

FTP score, what our W/kg is. Constantly getting that feedback can be a real

eye opener and motivator to help you achieve your goals.


4. Goal setting

There are various ways to help you motivate yourself for your season, but nothing

is better than getting it in your head that you want to beat your FTP score.

By beating or increasing your FTP score, this physically shows whether you are getting

better. If you get better at something and can physically see it, it will help drive you

to reaching your goal. Improvement becomes addictive and is a fantastic feeling. 


5. Competition

Lets face it, we all love competition, whether it is with ourselves or with others.

FTP scores add another element to the technology fuelled, strava world we live in!

Women want to beat women and men want to beat men and sometimes, people

want to beat everyone! By training smart and being focused on yourself, small

changes can make a big impact in your training. By becoming more competitive

you will start to develop a stronger will and mentality to succeed.


In conclusion, testing yourself is a fantastic way to understand if you are on the

correct path to glory. Testing indoors doesn't mean you have to worry about traffic, lights,

junctions and descents so it gives a more accurate measure of your real fitness.


If you aren't training at Brightside, the minimum you should be doing is coming in.

twice a month to be tested. We have various methods of testing and will be focused

on you as an individual. 


To sign up to our Testing package e-mail me today on

We hope you have a fantastic season and look forward to seeing you soon.

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