The Strenth in the group

Posted Mon, 14th Aug 2017

Group Training the benefits!

Here is a Client story…

I had a conversation with one of my ladies on the women’s group training just before she went on holiday to set out some “boundaries” and some exercise homework to keep her on track.

After 7-8 weeks on the program, she has seen some amazing results (just over half a stone) and also amazing strength and fitness gains!

Dropping weight and increasing fitness is obviously the result we want to see, although she started to describe to me all the other benefits of the program.

( her words exactly )

  • “I have to make time for ME” - with a stressful, demanding job she still makes the time for the 2 sessions of exercise.

  • “This isn’ a short term thing for me” - correct it doesn't all happen in 2-4 weeks. It’s a lifestyle habit change that doesn't stop.

  • “When I get home from the session, I’m ready to go again! Before I would just crash out at home and think of nothing worst than exercising” - the hardest part of the session is really putting the gym kit on and stepping through the door!



We have all heard the saying you are a percentage of the people that you surround yourself with, so if you are at work and everyone is frowning upon you trying to make changes or you feel like you are being judged then chances are you won't stick things out. If you have others around you with the same issues, objectives then you are more likely to keep doing what you need to. 


We currently do have 2 spaces open this month for the women's program, if you want to know more let us know

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