Six Weeks and 30 minutes faster!

Posted Thu, 11th Jun 2015

Pete was just a regular cyclist. He would head out and do the same rides at the same pace and wasn't seeing any progression and all Pete wanted was to be faster, but he didn't know where to start.

After doing a fitness test, working out his goals and understanding Pete's timeline, we developed a six week package, coming in 3-4 times a week.

The results Pete saw were staggering. Within only 4 weeks, he felt like he could push harder, so we tested him with our FTP test. Pete had improved his Power by 13% and his Power to weight ratio by 10%! He was lighter, faster and more efficient.

Pete just completed the Dragon Ride in Wales. 140 miles of hard hill climbing. He averaged 1mph faster and beat his time by almost 30 minutes!!!

If you want to see true, visible results make sure you sign up for one of our packages today.

Spending less time on the bike and still becoming faster... that's why Pete comes to Brightside.

Book an appointment or call 07791060451. See you on the Brightside

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