Set backs and how to deal with them

Posted Mon, 10th Aug 2015

I have had a little set back this weekend. 


I am in the final 2 weeks of preperation for a 300 mile,

24hr ride from Newcastle to London and I have had some

hard lessons to learn. 


When I went to the Alps, I changed my front gear set over

to a compact set which is smaller than my previous gear

set. Therefore, the chain was stretched and the last couple

of rides I just couldn't get the chain to grip.


I have therefore had to order a new rear cassette and chain

which takes time to be delivered and then I have to change it.

All of this means that I can't train at probably the worst time. 


However, one of the most important parts of training is that

if something goes wrong...DONT PANIC! 


Yes, this is frustrating and scary that my training stress score won't 

match up to what i've predicted for my taper, however 

the amazing thing about software such as Training Peaks

is that you can adjust your training stress score by adjusting

your training stress and intensity.


Using our Perfpro software, I can create sessions that match

my Training peaks profile. I will be increasing the intensity

of my sessions over the next week to compensate for the lack of 

Volume. This will give me a relatively similar outcome for what

I had planned anyway. 


So the lesson to be learned from this is:

  • Keep maintaining your bike so it doesn't break
  • Don't panic if something goes wrong
  • adapt your training to fit into your schedule
  • With the correct planning, your training can always be changed
    to suit your schedule, especially if something goes wrong
  • Always look on the positive and don't fret on the negative


I hope that is a little insight into how to deal with setbacks should you have any

in your training. If you have any questions, please contact me on 





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