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Posted Mon, 6th Dec 2010

Brightsidept ltd has been running now for 7 months and the client base is growing; from people who want to lose weight, to those looking to improve their performance in their chosen sport and those who struggle with motivation!

Some highlights of the last month:

The Arqiva running course, which focused on learning how to run efficiently and faster, led to a request for Brightside to hold a core stability course. This started on the 22nd of November, with the aim of improving posture and alleviating back pain.

The biggest weight loss through the month has been just over a stone, and the least amount of inches lost from the waist has been 1.2 inches. So results are being seen. How do we achieve the results? Hard work and commitment!

Too many people think they need to run for hours on end to shift weight; sure this does help, but the most time effective way to get weight off and keep it off is resistance training (lifting weights). I am not talking about heavy weights! But if you build more tone in your body, this will lean the body down and increase your metabolic rate. This means that after a few months your body can process more calories than it used to because your muscles need more fuel!

At the same time as toning up, when you work your larger muscle groups, or more than one muscle at a time your heart beats harder to pump the blood around to the muscles that are working. So your fitness can be worked on at the same time as toning, and getting stronger. When you are in the gym you should never stop to rest! While your legs are recovering, work the stomach!

We are looking forward to organizing a health and fitness week for Paris Smith, and we have been invited in to CMA financial recruitment to talk to their staff about how to improve posture and productivity. 

Good luck to:

Shireen Jordon who is juggling working the breakfast show at wave 105 and rehearsing for panto in London!

Chris Goodwin who is competing this weekend at the Boscombe 10k. Chris is training for the Paralympics 5k and 10k races. 

Becky Wilton who is looking to improve her 5k time at the park run event held in Eastleigh.

Well done to all Brightsidept clients, another month fitter and stronger! Every week we see progress, lets keep it going!

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