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Posted Fri, 8th Jan 2016



Life gets busy, careers start to take off and families start to blossom.


The truth is your health takes a back seat right when you need it the most.

  • You need more energy to keep up with the kids
  • You need to de-stress
  • You need to eat well 
  • You need to look after yourself so you can look after those around you
  • You need to decrease the levels of pain in your body
  • You need to feel confident 


We look after men just like you who feel they are too busy to exercise and do not put their health as a priority. Maybe you used to do alot of sport at school and you enjoyed it; maybe you used to enjoy how that made you feel. But now you feel like that was a long time ago and your body is not the same as it once was. 


Here at Brightside we have totaly transformed lives and have got guys back into the shape they once were. We have clients in their 50's who are fitter and stronger than they have ever been. Let me put it like this: you work hard so you can have a good full life, time flies and you hit 40 or 50, hoping to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You do not want to be out of shape by the time you get there. Do not look back and say I wish I had sorted out my health. 



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What you get In a Transformation session:
It's not just a "consultation", or a "PT session". We go a lot deeper than that and want you to gain as much knowledge as possible in the hour. It is our aim to give you as much information as possible and for you to feel motivated and ready to take action! 
So what do we do?
We will establish what you need to do to achieve the results you want in a specific time frame. You will learn exactly what you need to do to see the change that you want. 
We will look WHY you want to achieve whatever it is and the impact this has on your life and loved ones. This is so important as it will help you prioritise your own health. 
Food is responsible for at least 60% of your results: this is why we have an awesome maintainable food plan that is not a diet! We will look at your food and drink and educate you as much as possible on the effect this has on your body. We will show you how to make small changes for huge improvements. 
We will then show you the exact exercises that are the most efficient way to target the specific areas you want to. 
We will look at any obstacles that you may face and help you find solutions. 
You will leave feeling motivated and equipped with knowledge about what you should be doing to get the life long change that you want.


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