Keeping your blood sugar levels stable

Posted Mon, 3rd Oct 2016

Avoiding spikes in your blood sugar is essential for keeping you feeling full of energy, controlling your weight and body composition, avoiding cravings as well as reducing the chance of getting metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. 
Foods that are high in sugar or heavily refined break down very quickly and release lots of energy causing the blood sugar levels to spike very fast. In order to counteract this the brain sends a signal to the pancreas to release insulin to lower the levels back down. Unfortunately this ends up with the blood sugar levels crashing far lower than they were to start with leading to you feeling fatigued and craving more sugar to bring the levels back up to normal. 
The way our bodies control blood sugar is with a hormone called insulin. Insulin brings blood sugar levels down by enabling cells to absorb and process sugars. Unfortunately this excess energy from the sugar is then stored in cells as fat and can result in weight gain or make it far harder if you're trying to lose weight! If this cycle happens too regularly the cells start to stop responding to the insulin which will lead to insulin resistance that can develop into diabetes. 
Uncontrolled blood sugar levels result in mood swings, irritability, food cravings, lack of concentration and weight gain.
Ways to control your blood sugar:

Exercise - Research suggests that vigorous exercise has a massive effect on lowering insulin resistance and keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Not only will exercise burn calories but it will also keep blood sugar inline to make it easier for your body to burn fat!
Low GL foods:
Glycemic load (GL) is used to measure the sugars and starches in foods and their effect on the body. It shows how much carbohydrate there is in foods and how fast the carbs will break down into glucose to release into the blood stream as blood sugar enabling us to find out how quickly the blood sugar raises and by how much.
Eating foods with a low GL is a very good way to keep your blood sugar stable and ensure you will be able to control your body composition. 
Healthy Snacks: 

Avoiding long gaps In between meals and eating healthy snacks can actually help you lose weight and will definitely keep your energy levels up throughout the day! Long gaps of no food or missing meals causes your metabolic rate to slow and your blood sugar levels to cash. Eating foods that are low GL, high in vitamins or protein is a good idea for snacks. Almonds nuts are a good example. 
Foods and drinks that you want to avoid:
Fizzy drinks
Stimulants (coffee/ nicotine)
Sweets/ cakes/ biscuits etc 
Refined carbs (white bread, white pasta etc)
Fast/ junk food
Heavily processed foods 
Fruit juice
Artificial sweeteners 
Whey protein 
Breakfast bars 
Excessive amounts of fruit 
Dried fruit 

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