Increased energy, happier and more self-confident!

Posted Thu, 14th Jul 2016

When Jason first came to Brightside he worried he was “so unfit it was going to be embarrassing” and wondered if it would actually make a difference or if he would enjoy it. Luckily he found out we’re not so bad and he even enjoyed the sessions:

Training is hard work but ultimately enjoyable. The support of the team always make it feel, just, achievable. with the right balance of challenge and motivation. On top of that you're a nice bunch of people :)

Having someone knowledgeable supporting and motivating you is a huge benefit. Also the fact the sessions are structured to your level of fitness and what you need to do to improve by people who know what they are doing (as opposed to just going to a gym and doing what you think is right) makes a massive difference.

If you’re short on time, it’s even more important that time spent exercising is as efficient and effective as possible. We are here to ensure you get the results you want and that your time isn’t wasted. As Jason says:

The right nutritional advice combined with structured exercise is key. Get advice from people who know what they are doing .. And just do it, once you start you feel so much better, mentally and physically ..

Jason has done amazingly well at Brightside and we are proud of his brilliant results - including losing 10 kgs in 8 weeks. The great news is that it has impacted on other parts of his life too. Jason is not only looking great, but also feeling better - happier and more confident:

I'm a lot more energetic and active, a great benefit is playing with the kids without getting breathless. It's completely changed the way we look at food and the way we eat; when, how and what. Its also changed the way I look at exercise,  I now look forward to it. Finally I'm also a lot happier and more self confident in myself.

Taking the time to get yourself healthy, fitter and stronger is not just about how you look. It’s an investment into all areas of your life - your work, family and your own self-worth. When you’re leading a busy life, that’s more important than ever.

If you can commit to just 2-3 hours a week, we can make sure you not only lose weight if needed but you also have more energy and health to deal better with all aspect of life.

If you’re feeling the effects of a busy lifestyle on your own health, we are offering a free transformation session. In just one hour we can set you up with a plan to feel fitter, lighter and more energised.



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