If you do not want to go into 2018 heavier read this..

Posted Tue, 14th Nov 2017

Please do not wait until January!


Here at Brightside we are pretty keen on clients having fun and not sacrificing what they love while still achieving the results they want. 


Now we all know that December will be a busy social month, with more temptation than usual and the tendency to say "oh well I will burn it all off in January". But did you say that last year? 


You see I think that waiting will, in fact, end up costing you more and taking longer to "fix". One of my least favourite chores is shaving, so I put it off and put it off. It then becomes a massive job instead of something that would be easy to manage if I just kept on top of it. 


Maybe you think about your fitness and health like that also? Keep putting it off until it becomes a massive task and you do nothing about it because you think it will be a lot worse than it actually will be. Here is the thing: when I actually shave I feel better, I look younger (less like a tramp) and my skin feels smooth! 


It is the same with your health and fitness; we all know that you will feel better for doing something and it is never as bad as you think it might be. 


So fast forward to January - how tough a task do you want to set yourself? Isn't January a tough enough month already? It's dark, there's nothing to look forward to, it is a long month and a tough time to make some decent changes to your fitness. 


Now I am not saying to go all guns blazing in December, but let me ask you a question. 


Do you think that if you kept a steady regime of exercise that your mindset and decision making would be improved? 

Do you think that if your decision making improved and you had one less drink, one less bit of cake here or there that you could go into January without putting on even more weight in December? You would not have to feel like you are going without either! 


So what can you do to put this in place?

  • Decide that you 100% do not want to go into 2018 heavier than you are today. 
  • Do not stop any fitness sessions because you are too busy
  • Control the food you can
  • Enjoy the booze and parties (in moderation!) 
  • Write down a target for the month (and how you would feel if you did not achieve this) 


The choice is yours, enjoy the festivities and go into January lighter (like our clients do) or go crazy and throw it all away with the attitude that you will fix it all in January, which you tried last year, perhaps without success. 


If you want more help and a plan to help you drop weight in December when everyone else is gaining it, drop us a message and we can give you some personal bespoke advice. 


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