How to put yards on your drive!

Posted Mon, 19th May 2014

If you’re interested in improving your golf there are many things to consider. Unfortunately its not always as easy as just getting out and hitting the ball over and over.

There is a lot of conflicting arguments in the health and fitness industry. One thing that has been proven time and time again is the use of a good strength and conditioning programme; this will improve performance and reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries associated with golf.

Golfers will happily spend hundreds of pounds on the best clubs with the hope that they'll increase the distance of their drive, accuracy and improve their consistency.

What a lot of golfers don't realise is that taking time to work on flexibility, strengthening the primary muscles used and improving core stability will have one of the biggest impacts when trying to improve your swing. Golf involves precision and accuracy as it is about strength and balance.

Correct form offers a high percentage of shot accuracy, but muscular strength and balance also play a large part in the body’s ability to propel the golf ball forward and more importantly, propel it forward to where you want it to go.

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