How to lose 4 stone in 2018

Posted Mon, 22nd Jan 2018

In this blog Jack will share the story of Denise, a client at our Whiteley Studio. He’ll share the key factors that helped her lose 4 stone, how our setup works and you will hear Denise’s honest thoughts on the whole process.

Denise plucked up the courage to ask us for help in April 2017. She had tried other gyms, classes and trainers but did not particularly get on with any of them. In many ways this was one last go at trying to find the help she knew she needed.  In her first session we sat down and had a chat about why she felt she needed more help, what she needed the most help with and we also set some targeted goals that would help with motivation. From our first conversation we realised she needed a home plan, some consistency with exercise and to make some tweaks to her diet.

Here is what Denise has to say about her journey so far

“When I first came to Brightside the main thing I wanted to work on was losing weight because of my high blood pressure. The doctors wanted me to go back on statins but I said no, I was not having that! That is when I decided I had to do something about my weight.  My start weight was 13st 13lbs and I am now 9st 12lbs! I was size 18 when I started and now fit comfortably in to a size 12.  I had tried several things before but had never had the type of support that I have had at Brightside.  It’s taught me a lot about how to eat healthier as well as how to exercise more regularly and keep it going”


Step 1- Goal Setting

Wanting to lose weight is great. However, until you make it specific, measurable and have a timeframe to achieve it by, losing weight is just an idea or dream.

With Denise, as we do with all our clients, we helped her set a specific goal and had several ways of measuring this. We went from ‘I’d like to lose weight to lower my blood pressure’ to ‘I will lose 4 stone before the end of the year’. We then broke the goal down into smaller monthly and weekly targets for Denise to aim towards. This then reduced any room for procrastination.

As well as tracking weight, we also tracked fitness tests in the gym and measurements around waist, hips, chest, thighs, bicep and glutes. Scales will not always budge, but losing inches can still = dropping clothes sizes and having a healthier body.


Step 2 – Having a plan and Structure

Now that we had specific and measurable goals set in place we put a plan of action together, including an exercise regime, healthy recipes and a weekly structure.

For example, a weekly structure consists of targets such as: each week you will need to exercise for 150 minutes in total = 30 total minutes per session spread out over 5 days a week (this is just a hypothetical example).

Step 3 – Accountability and support

Step 1+2 are all some people need. But most people will find that having a form of accountability and support will help take them from doing ok and not being that happy with results, to taking great action and being over the moon with their results.  

We were there to help guide Denise on what to eat to see results with her weight, blood pressure and to help her feel good.  This all included still being able to eat the foods she enjoys and having meals out with family.


Step 4 – Regular weigh in and measurements

We set dates for weigh-ins and measurements: this then helped fuel Denise’s motivation. Once she had started to see the pounds drop off and had begun to feel fitter, she knew it worked and wanted to do even more!


Step 5 – Progress

It is all good and well having a routine and structure in place. However, doing the same old exercises and eating the same old thing is not too exciting. As Denise progressed in how her clothes were fitting and how much she could do in and out of the gym, we also progressed her workouts and recipes.  This kept exercise + eating enjoyable and meant that Denise continued to have something to look forward to and aim towards.


So Denise what is next?

“Well I’ve seen my Doctor and he was very happy with the progress I have made. Now I am aiming for 9st 5lbs and to continue toning up. Then we will see from there”

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