How has Dave increased energy levels and lost 16 kilos?

Posted Mon, 3rd Aug 2015


When David started at Brightside he knew he would see quick results but didn’t think he would see as much change as he has over four weeks. He has found that the right training, guidance and discipline can help you change for the better:

I have more energy, am happier, more self confident, less self conscious, more motivated and have better discipline.

At Brightside we put in the work and planning so our clients can show up and enjoy a planned and tailored workout. David has found training at Brightside to be very different to training alone at a membership gym:

I guess it is different from the gym as it is not as crowded for one, All your sessions are planned in detail to provide a full body work, you have the coaching from your trainer to make sure you are doing the exercise properly, you have little time to be lazy between exercises and everyone has a common shared goal. I have found every one I have worked with to be knowledgeable, professional, friendly and provide real encouragement during the sessions.

What advice would David have for anyone looking to get in shape?

My advice would be to come and work with you guys (at Brightside).

If you’re going to a gym but not seeing the results you want - come and see us at Brightside!

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