How do you lose those stubborn few pounds?

Posted Mon, 3rd Aug 2015

Personal training at Brightside is not just for those who need to lose a lot of weight. Plenty of clients are in pretty good shape when they start with us - they may just have a stubborn few pounds that they can’t seem to shift or are just looking for a bit more tone. Exercise and healthy eating has so many benefits beyond weight loss: increased energy levels, better skin and a more toned shape to name a few.  When Stephanie started at Brightside, she did not have a lot to lose, though had been trying to shift some stubborn pounds for a long time alone through diet and exercise.


Stephanie chose to sign up for our semi-private sessions and has found she prefers this to 1-1 training:


I like the small groups, it's great seeing others achieve their goals too. Am absolutely loving the training, even though it is really tough, it's only for an hour and I'm paying for it so might as well give it my best! It's nice knowing everyone there is going for the same reason rather than a social club (which some gyms are), and there aren't any posers - everyone’s too busy working hard!


Though Stephanie did not have stones to lose, she has worked hard and seen steady weight loss of 5 kilos over 5 weeks. Stephanie has also lost 4 inches, gained strength and is feeling much better about her figure. Stephanie has found the training more intense than previous workouts at the gym. She’s also really enjoying the sessions and her time with our trainers:


Have found the team really friendly and approachable.They all give good advice too. Really good not knowing what I'm going to be doing from one minute to the next (no time to panic ha ha).


Stephanie’s hard work, determination and clean diet has helped her start to shift those stubborn few pounds - which is often the hardest weight to lose!


If you’re like Stephanie and have little weight to lose, we can help rid those few pounds but also work on increasing strength and tone so you feel so much more confident about your figure! Whether you want to lose stones or pounds, we can help you get in great shape!



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