Happy New Year from BrightsidePT and tips for January

Posted Sun, 2nd Jan 2011

Since the last post BrightsidePT has taken on some new clients. All are looking to improve their fitness and stay consistent with their training.

The Arqiva core stability course has finished, and there is now a regular session happening there each month. 

This time of year everyone is making New Years resolutions, usually to do with health fitness and diet. Over 75% of people who join a gym in January are not going in March.  This is usually due to “time”, lack of motivation, not achieving what you want. To keep seeing progress you must always change and push yourself every week. 

Last month we had a few people doing events, from 5ks to triathlons. We also had a new 2 minute press up record set! 76 in 2 minutes from a guy who could not do more than 20 press ups 2 months ago. You have got to love press ups! Friend for life, and they can be done anywhere! Chris Goodwin ran a seasons best 10k on the road, sub 40 minutes, and Becky Wiltons 5k run was rewarded with 6 weeks in Australia! (Not a prize - she had already booked that)! 

Wave 105 Shireen Jordon has been enjoying being "Slave of the Ring" at the Mayflower Christmas Panto and has done well to find the time to keep her fitness routine going! 

Tips for January!

  • Do NOT make any massive changes that you can not sustain
  • DO set yourself goals each week. For example, take the stairs instead of lifts, do 20 press ups a day etc etc
  • Do NOT try to do anything that is unrealistic for you, as this can de-motivate you and you will be less likely to want to try again.
  • DO try to eat less sugar. Some experts have claimed that the sugar in one fizzy drink can suppress your immune system by thirty per cent for 3 to 4 hours.

Some big changes are coming this month at Brightside; check our progress on twitter.

Also next month there will be a blog from European silver medallist Chris Thompson! We enjoyed a nice 10 mile run with him on New Year's day.

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