Happier, Slimmer, Fitter

Posted Mon, 4th Apr 2016

Happier, slimmer, fitter

This is just a few words a client has used to describe the way she feels after training at Brightside. We are over the moon when a client reports that a healthier lifestyle has not only changed the way they look, but also how they feel. Exercise can make us feel happier, not only with our appearance, but also with life in general.

And when a client achieves their goals, we are just as happy as they are. Training at Brightside makes you part of our team - and you no longer have to go it alone, making getting in shape so much easier. Carol has been with us for seven months and has made some awesome achievements, exceeding her expectations:

The results are better than I expected. I didn’t think I would run again or become as strong as I feel right now. The team are great, each one is knowledgeable, and great at delivering interesting exercises with just the right amount of challenge.  I have been amazed looking back over the last 7 months, how strong I have become.

I love the banter at Brightside, whereas at the gym people don't speak, laugh or encourage you. That is the main reason I would recommend Brightside, the team always say hello when you arrive, and goodbye even if they are not taking your sessions.  Little things like that make you feel welcome and part of a club.

Food is my downfall, but the meal plan is the best I have ever tried, and even my husband eats from it.  I have tried many diets and diet groups before.  But you just sit down for an hour there and fixate on food!  Here at Brightside everyone encourages us to make healthier and tastier choices.

I have learn't that it is a lifestyle change I can really enjoy and want to maintain it. I’m happier, slimmer, fitter and I really enjoy my training days.

This is why we think you should say goodbye to big-box, corporate membership gyms. When you join Brightside, your goals become our goals - and we ensure you reach them! We also don’t encourage calorie counting here - just fresh, clean and healthy choices.

If you would like to join our club at Brightside, simply click the link and fill out your details and we will be in touch ASAP!


JUST CLICK THE LINK and we will be in touch ASAP.. 




*Results may vary. Adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.





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