Half way through her transformation program!

Posted Tue, 16th Jun 2015

Sharon knew that if she ate clean and exercised that she would see the results that she wanted. But she also knew that she needed "a little push":

"I needed someone to give me a little push, my only reservation before coming into Brightside was if I would hit my goal in the timescale that I wanted, We are half way through and and that reserervation has now gone"! 

We are very different from a typical gym here at Brightside, Sharon finds having someone there explaining and making sure she is getting the most from each exercise makes a huge differnence for her. 

What advice would Sharon give anyone looking to lose weight? 

"Sign yourself up to Brightside! They know what they are doing, and it will certainly help you achieve your goals. It may well be the push that you need

So if you need some help, and support and that push to get you started:

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