FREE kick start my fitness workshop

Posted Thu, 10th Sep 2015

Do you struggle with motivation? Have you reached your targets for your own health and fitness? Do you fall off the wagon and then try to get back on? Do you need motivating? 
Paul Laslett owns BrightsidePT, a results driven fitness company, and he is opening his doors to 10 people who are serious about transforming their lives. He will be sharing the secrets that clients use week in and week out to drop weight, stay healthy and see a huge change in their daily life. 
You will go away feeling motivated and empowered; you will have a sustainable action plan that will transform your life. 
We will be sharing the secrets of how our clients have lost as much as 32kg. We will be focusing on the obstacles faced by many and how to overcome them, what exercise you really need to be doing, what to eat and who to surround yourself with to get the best possible outcome for yourself. 
If you want to wake up feeling energised, stronger and healthier: if you want to feel less stressed and see a huge body transformation then you need to be on this workshop. 
Spaces are limited, as Paul wants to give everyone the time they need. 
Date- 10th October
Venue- BrightsideHQ- Units 20/21 mountbatten buinsess centre, so15 1hy
Time- 9 am - 12-30 
Cost- FREE

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