Four Steps to Losing a Dress Size

Posted Wed, 1st Feb 2017


Getting into that dress that's been hiding away in the wardrobe is a big goal, but it's not really just about that. It's how you will feel knowing you can proudly walk into any shop and pick out any item of clothing you want and know you will look good in it.

The tricky part is knowing how to get started. From the very beginning on your weight loss journey, it is important to set manageable goals that won’t overwhelm and allows you to make progress in a steady healthy way. One of the main things to get right is the mindset to prepare you to start pushing towards those goals. It will help form an invisible impenetrable cloak when it comes to the inevitable times when your will is tested.

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There are four distinct steps you must take to get consistent results and to enable you to lose a dress size a month.

So here is a four step process we take our clients through at Brightside PT to help them stay motivated and drop at least 1 dress size and keep it off.

Step 1 – Get clear on why

The first step is to get clear on the reasons why you want to change your body shape. Getting it down on paper will help imprint this on your mind so you can combat those times when motivation and will power is waning. So, write down why you want to fit in that dress and what has made now the time for you to do this? What are you missing out on from not being the confident person you want to be? This is often about just getting lots of those reasons down on paper and helps you to get that laser focus to move onto step 2. Aim at 10 things at this stage.

Step 2 – Add in emotion

Next, you need to write down ten feelings you will have when you have achieved the results you want. Fir example, how you will feel walking out of a shop with the dress you really want in your bag, What is the feeling you will have when you are no longer concerned about showing your arms off in a summer dress or walking into a crowded restaurant. Whatever it is, it will help to think about the emotional side of achieving your results which in turn allows you to picture yourself as already having achieved it and allow you to “test drive” your new body. It is hugely motivational.

Step 3 – What is holding you back?  

What are your biggest challenges to achieving what you want? What are the things holding you back and have prevented you from achieving your goals so far? Again, write down as many that you can think of so you have a really clear idea of the obstacles that you need to overcome. Simply by identifying these often has the effect of reducing their effects on you. So for example, if you said that time is a limiting factor for you when it comes to exercise then you may be able to come up with some ideas that will free up some time. Maybe you need to watch less TV or get up a little earlier each day. Perhaps you can find inventive ways to incorporate exercise into your current day to day routine. You will find just by writing things down they lose their power over you. When you understand what the obstacles are it's much easier to move on to step four.

Step 4 – Go shopping

Unfortunately, this is not a clothes shopping list, although that could also help! Your shopping list is what do you need to have in place to achieve the goals you have set. What needs to be in place for you to stay motivated and keep on track? Review what you have said in the previous steps. Maybe you need to buy some home fitness equipment, or perhaps you need to get some more healthy snacks in the house. Or you could even buy that size 12 dress as a visual motivator. Make a list of ten things for this.

Now you have some lists. You need to review these regularly, preferably put them in a prominent place where you see them daily. What you have done in the four steps is powerful stuff in encouraging your mind to push you towards making the decisions daily you need to make.

The next thing you need to do is to get your diet and exercise regime sorted. That’s where we come in at Brightside. 

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