Do you suffer from cramps on long bike rides

Posted Thu, 13th Aug 2015



One thing that I used to suffer from was tight hamstrings and glute muscles.

However, at the Manchester Bike and Tri show the owner of the Lactate Hydro

Sports Spa approached me and asked if I would give it a go.

After doing lots of short, fast reps and a triathlon challenge that day,

the muscles were fatigued and tired and I knew I had to do it all over

again the next day. I wanted to maintain my performances so I was highly

interested in the product so I gave it a go. 


He introduced me to his lactate removal system which removes lactate allowing

for increased recovery time. I took one away and have been blown away by the 



My muscles have lengthened and my left leg has far more flexibility than it ever used to.

I have done a small video explaining what I do for recovery and why this product is going to

become one of the most used methods of lactate removal over the next couple of years, so 

check it out! 


If you suffer from cramping or have a previous injury which is keeping something tight (it

can be anything from legs, shoulders, arms etc) then you need to trial one of these machines.

Follow these simple steps below and we will contact you and book you in for a lactate removal



1. Click here and E-mail me on

2. Fill out your details with name, e-mail and phone number

3. We will contact you to book in your consultation

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