Do not fall for it in 2018

Posted Sat, 16th Dec 2017


Do not fall for it in 2018

Nowadays we are bombarded with information on weight loss. We are advised on the fastest ways to lose ‘x’ amount of weight in ‘x’ amount of days, given guidance on fad diets or told professor ‘x’ did an experiment somewhere and lost a load of weight very quickly!

It can be very easy to get sucked into this kind of propaganda, especially if it’s worded in a certain way. We all would love a magic fix and it's easy to be misled even when we aren't provided with evidence to support the claims.

So what is the healthiest way to lose weight?? Is there one method that will work for everyone?

Well let me tell you that one particular strategy will not work for everyone, as our bodies are all different!

Just some factors that influence weight loss are:

  • -  Genetic makeup

  • -  Hormone balance

  • -  Stress levels

  • -  Type of metabolism

  • -  Activity levels

  • -  Health conditions and medication.

    When we are looking at losing weight in the healthiest way, we have to look first at the type of metabolism each person has. This can be done by a simple questionnaire or by obtaining a blood test!

    For some people their bodies react better to a high protein, low carb diet and for others it’s the opposite. Once you know which suits your body best, that’s the key to losing weight and maintaining optimum health.

    Here’s 3 things to do straight away that will help you lose weight and stay consistent:

    1- Get yourself a fitness watch (Fitbit), start recording your calorie intake and try to burn more calories each day than you are taking on board.

    2- Set yourself a daily goal of walking at least 20-30 minutes or 6-8000 steps!

    3- Set yourself a 7 day food plan, documenting which meals you're going to eat throughout the week. You're more likely to lose weight if you plan your food correctly and stick to it!


To conclude, everyone is different and we all lose weight at different rates depending on the factors mentioned above. Losing weight and maintaining this weightloss can't be achieved with quick fixes or magic solutions. We should approach this with the right mindset and tools to ensure good habits over the long term. 

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