Calmer, happier and more confident!

Posted Mon, 24th Aug 2015


“Calmer, happier, and more confident!”

Is this how you would like to feel? Jonathan came to Brightside for the same reason as many of our clients - to lose weight, tone up and get fit. While, as he expected, he has seen results in line with this in terms of fat loss and fitness, he was not expecting the additional benefits that come with exercising and eating well:

“The effect on personality and sleep was not something I expected when cutting out fizzy drinks, coffee etc.  Concentration and mood have improved.”

Exercise can have so many benefits beyond fitness. Our clients have reported benefits ranging from reduced stress to increased workplace productivity due to better concentration and energy levels.

Jonathan had tried other approaches to lose weight in the past that had not worked, including the gym and dieting:

“(I had tried) different diets, often taking in far too few calories. I had suffered from the same tailored programme at a gym that everyone else gets when they go through the safety induction”

Efficient and correct exercise, alongside eating well, has seen Jonathan make some impressive changes, including losing 4.5 inches off his waist, 3 inches off his chest and 6 kilos in weight in just 4 weeks. At Brightside, we do not promote fad dieting or calorie counting, just clean eating to help our clients look and feel a whole lot better!

After 4 weeks at Brightside Jonathan has not only started to transform his body but has seen the added bonus of a significant improvement in his well-being! So if you have trouble sleeping, would like to feel less stressed or more confident like Jonathan apply now for a free Transformation session with BrightsidePT!

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