Body Image - Pressure to look good!

Posted Tue, 26th Sep 2017

This is a big one….Something that is continuously drilled into us that we are not good enough, through social media, what we se on TV and maybe what our friends are telling us.

Social media is telling us that to be pretty or worthy you need to be a certain dress size, have no lumps and bumps, have thick hair, have clear skin, be on the new diet craze.. oh and if you don’t go to yoga then you’re definitely not going to fit in..

We all have that little voice creep into our heads saying that we’re not good enough or don’t look a certain way, even our eyes draw towards the worst part of our body and that it primarily what we focus on.

So when will we all be happy with our body…? I know that when I was in my best shape a couple of years back I still wasn’t completely satisfied! We always want MORE!

We all have standards that we set ourselves.. Whether that is a job title in our career, our personal goals in life and I think also we have a certain standard or ideal look we would like to achieve with our bodies..

Again relating it an experience I had a few years back. I surrounded myself with pictures of fitness models and bodies that were probably very unrealistic to reach.. Scrolling through my instagram feed judging myself to all of these athletes.

Let me tell you, once I stopped looking at all of these pictures and just focused on my own journey I was so much happier! You can say I lowered my standard of what I wanted to aim to look like and I felt better about myself.


Let’s be honest, all of us are always on some sort of diet, so let’s enjoy the process and enjoy who we are today… Focus on the little steps.. don’t focus too much on the end result, as the process never stops…. Finding a way to eat healthy in moderation, exercise and achieve things you never have physically and mostly importantly love YOU!


Eliza. x

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