The best protein shakes

Posted Thu, 27th Mar 2014

Nowadays good sources of protein can be hard to find. Shakes can be a great way to incorporate that much needed protein into our daily diet, helping to build lean muscle and control weight.

There are often misconceptions about protein shakes. In the past, people often saw them as something that would lead to building mass or develop body-builder type muscles. Females have often avoided protein shakes for this reason. It is more widely known now that protein shakes won’t lead to huge muscles, but can help you build long, lean muscle. When your activity increases, so do your protein needs. Putting adequate protein into your diet can also help build your immune system and increase energy levels. Protein shakes deliver amino acids to muscle cells, helping them to recover after strenuous workouts. 

While some of these protein shakes can be highly processed, there are a number of natural and healthy products available too. Look for protein powders that contain essential amino acids, which will facilitate the healing of damaged muscles after a tough workout. Our favourite on the market is Ezyprotein, an organically raw food, which includes all the 8 essential amino acids needed everyday to maintain weight management, retain muscular integrity and control a healthy thyroid function. Ezyprotein is a hypoallergenic which is good for individuals with diabeties and metabolic disorders, as it does not contain sugar and therefore does not affect insulin levels. It’s also naturally free from gluten , wheat, dairy, lactose, cholesterol and soy.

Ezyprotein is available to buy at Brightside, so feel free to ask one of our trainers about it.


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