Posted Tue, 9th Oct 2012

As the evenings begin to draw in and the weather becomes colder, it can be easy to hibernate indoors and lack the commitment to participate in physical activity. However, it is important to stay active in all four seasons to maintain a good level of health and fitness. Keeping this consistency will elevate serotonin levels and improve neural function, therefore reducing daily stress and fatigue levels. It will also help retain productivity within the work place and improve those much needed REM sleep cycles.

Whether your thinking of training indoors or braving the elements, here are some top tips to staying fit this winter:

  • If you enjoy training outside then it is important to include an extended warm up, preferably inside. This will help to raise the body’s core temperature and open up the aerobic pathways so that you’re ready to take on the cold weather. If you have thermals, we recommend you wear them! Wrap up warm to retain body heat whilst exercising and don't be so eager to remove your clothes immediately post-session; this will cause heat loss and a sudden drop in the body’s temperature. Give yourself time for the best recovery possible!
  • Find a hobby, for example classes or swimming that will be held indoors. These are great ways of keeping fit during these colder months, and will improve your adherence to staying fit this winter!
  • Eat good seasonal food to increase immunity and improve digestive function. This is important in decreasing fatigue levels, increasing/maintaining weight loss and improving mood state. Foods such as sauerkraut, warm broths, red meat and liver will increase the body’s digestibility, thus decreasing fatigue levels commonly experienced on those working days!
  • Find a small space in your home to exercise. Using just your bodyweight is one of the most effective methods of staying fit and strengthening the body. Stairs can be a great functional way of improving the body’s active daily living, while providing added cardiovascular benefits.

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