Angie tells us about her experience at Brightside

Posted Sat, 30th May 2015

What were your reservations before you came in?

I was concerned the sessions might be repetitive but was very pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of different (and totally new to me) exercises that we fitted in during each session, which make each session pass very quickly!

How have you found the training and the team?

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions - all the team keep me well motivated throughout each session and I accomplish far more than I ever would on my own as I would never push myself as hard or keep going for as long as they encourage me to.

How is different to the gym?

Each session is completely different and unrepetitive, which keeps every session interesting.  My sessions are always tailored according to how I’m feeling.  I started my sessions at Brightside with a long standing shoulder soreness and Brightside have liaised with my physio to incorporate exercises which help to strengthen the various muscles that have assisted with my recovery and for the first time in a few years my shoulder is no longer painful.

Other things you have done to try to drop weight?  

I’ve tried the 5:2 diet but was not able to sustain this; and I tried just generally cutting down but, again, that was difficult to maintain for long enough to see a difference.

Are the results what you expected?  

The results are even better than I had hoped for and have motivated me to keep going.

What advice would you give someone looking to lose weight?

Set yourself a realistic goal, ie a particular event you want to attend or holiday you are planning - but try to give yourself enough time (at least a month, preferably two - but any length of time is better than none!).  Then, bearing in mind it’s for a set time, stick as closely to whatever plan you decide to follow.  Don’t weigh yourself more frequently than weekly or, preferably fortnightly.   Keep to your Brightside session/s and you’ll definitely achieve results.  Remember that nothing tastes as good as slimmer and fitter feels!

What have you learned?

I do have willpower and the results are proof that sticking to something properly really works.

How has it changed your life?

My confidence and self-esteem are considerably improved - plus my clothes feel comfortable again!

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