10 tips on staying fit this winter

Posted Sun, 15th Dec 2013

Through the winter months it's always hard to keep on track with your exercise regime... The days get shorter and darker & we seem to push the exercise to one side. Here are your Top 10 Tips to keep you motivated through the winter months and keep on track with your daily routine!

1. Buy some new gear!

Even though it's nearly Christmas why not treat yourself to some new gear for the gym! Invest in a thermal top or running tights and head outside and send those endorphins flying!

2. Write a journal

Tracking your progress whether it's weight, run times or strength is a great way to see whether you are improving, maintaining or dropping... Keeping this logged is sure to keep you motivated to increase your score, drop more weight or run faster!

3. Family days out

Doing physical activity with other people especially your family will make it more enjoyable and it doesn't have to be hard work. Evening walks, ice skating, a family bike ride. Try to spend as much time outside ( but make sure to wrap up warm! )

4. Healthy Eating/Planning

The dark early evening start to kick in and we all want to sit on the sofa and tuck into a warming meal and relax.. To help with weight management try to plan meals for the week so your not picking at mince pies and chocolates! Cook up some winter seasonal vegetables make into soups or casseroles!

5. Summer body in the winter

A summer body needs to be created and earn't in the winter. Picture it! Visualise what you want to be looking like through the summer and hold onto that when motivation levels start to drop!

6. Plan a holiday!

What better way to stay motivated to exercise in the winter months than the horrifying thought of having to go on holiday in swim wear which doesn't show off the physique you really desire!

7. Try something new!

Changing up your exercise regime always makes a difference to your motivation levels when your interest starts to drop and you crave something new. Join a new class, find a fitness buddy or seek out personal training assistance. Having someone along side you will always increase motivational levels and get you closer to your goal!

8. Enter an event

Having a event in the callander for the following year is always a good reminder of what your working towards! Set goals and drive to achieve them!

9. Cycle to work

This won't account for all of you but if you live fairly close to work cycling is a great way to lose weight and releasing those endorphins in the morning to set you up for the day! Remember to wrap up warm, use a light and safety equipment.

10. CAKE!

If you do brave the rain, wind and cold then you've thoroughly deserved a slice of cake. What better reason for getting out in the winter than looking forward to some cake and everyone knows cake tastes better after a epic bike ride or challenge run!

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